Business Intelligence

VISION Enterprise’s Business Intelligence (BI) gives one view of the truth across the business, with easy to consume information for everyone, everywhere, on any device.

Fully integrated reports are embedded throughout the system; when incorporating BusinessObjects Edge tools users can gain real time business insights with ad hoc reporting and data visualization. This allows processes such as allocations and replenishments to always give you the most up to date information. Designed specifically for medium sized businesses, these analytic solutions give retailers a competitive advantage by providing comprehensive management information and performance data.

Business intelligence solutions allow you to:

  • Automatically schedule, generate and publish regular reports across the business
  • Spot issues as they arise and maximise emerging opportunities through ‘managed by exception’ traffic light tools
  • Make more informed decisions based intuitive insight from secure interactive dashboards with ‘what if’ analysis. They are easy to understand, accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device

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